Dress code

Live the dream that is Serenata. Enter the exquisite atmosphere of an 18th-century masquerade.

At Serenata, all visitors are asked to wear an 18th-century (late baroque and rococo) costume complemented with a mask. This dress code is mandatory, to ensure the authenticity of this historically inspired happening.

For the ladies, this costume consists of a correct dress (e.g. Robe à la Francaise, Robe à la Polonaise, Robe à l’Anglaise or Robe à la Turque), combined with proper underpinnings: panniers or side hoops are crucial for this silhouette.

For the gentlemen, a justacorps coat, waistcoat, necktie, and breeches with stockings are the key elements of an 18th-century costume.

Please note that appropriate footwear and a correct hairstyle or wig are crucial elements to finish off the look.

The authenticity and quality of the worn costumes are highly valued and will contribute to the historical atmosphere of the evening. For authentic examples and further inspiration, please have a look at our Pinterest board.

Visitors with inappropriate attire will be refused entrance. The following attire is certainly not allowed: streetwear, present-day eveningwear, party, or non-historical costumes.

If you have any questions concerning the dress code, feel free to contact us – you can add a picture of your costume.

We will gladly review your idea and advise you accordingly. If you need help with choosing your finery for the evening or with adding just that right accessory, costume shop Avothea, located in Ghent, will be happy to help you find the right costume or mask to make sure you get to enjoy this evening to the fullest.